21st Century Janitorial Services was founded on the basis of going the extra mile for our clients. We are committed to providing proper maintenance of our facilities and for that we certify all employees as cleaning technicians. All our employees are strictly trained on proper cleaning techniques and how to embody our client=centered approach to cleaning.

We perform background checks and drug screens on all employees at 21st Century Janitorial Services to ensure the safety of our client property.

Cleaning Personnel

Job Description
Job Type: Part-time

MISSION: To exceed the cleaning expectations of the Supervisor, Client and 21st Century by providing a clean, safe, and healthy facility while maintaining excellent teamwork that promotes continuous training and learning.

OUTCOMES: Perform Essential Cleaning Tasks, Use of Chemicals, and Cleaning Supplies and equipment. Essential cleaning Tasks include: Vacuuming, Restroom Sanitation, Common Areas, Trash collection and disposing, Detail Cleaning, Wet & Dry Mopping.